Age of Youth Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

Yoon Jin-myung (Han Ye-ri) picks up the pieces and prepares to return home after journey. Although everybody comment warm words, they don’t want to pick her. They just cannot say such words.

Age of Youth Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

Kang Yi-Na (Ryu Hwa-Young) drives car and sends everyone to airport. She gets up 1 hour early so that she can have a cup of coffee. However, her driving skill is very bad. She pushes and rushes at a venture. Roommates are very anxious and constantly check route for her. Kang Yi-Na rushes through the toll gates without paying the bill when they try their best to arrive the highway. She forgets handbrake after she gets off. The car continues to move, roommates are frightened. They are safe after she pulls the handbrake.

When they arrive airport, Yoon Jin-myung is in there. She is lonely when she don’t see her roommates. However, she is disappointed when everybody are cold.

When they are ready to leave, Jung Ye-Eun (Han Seung-yeon) wants to call a driver to avoid previous situation. However, Kang Yi-Na objects it. She thinks there isn’t any seat if calling driver. Roommates have to bear her terrible driving technique.

On their way back, everybody talk and eat oranges. Kang Yi-Na gets angry. Jung Ye-Eun wants to go to bathroom at service area. Kang Yi-Na doesn’t allow it. Jung Ye-Eun gets angry.

Kang Yi-Na asks a man at roadside about route to go to another service area. However their car’s GPS is out of power. Everybody try to show Kang Yi-Na the way. They lose their directions, hence she drives to a minefield. Fortunately, they find it at the end. They visit a family around roadside when it’s dark. The man who stands at roadside welcomes them and rents room with low price. However, the man isn’t the house’s owner. He is a thief and kidnaps the owner. He is going to steal their money after the girls fall asleep. However he fails and waits another chance.

The thief drops medicine in the coffee and gives to girls. However, they returns it to him. He faints after drinking the coffee.

Girls are happy for returning home. However, Kang Yi-Na announces she gets a job and is going to leave roommates. Everybody are depressed after hearing what she says.

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