Black Knight Kdrama: Episode 1 Recap

This is first episode of Black Knight Kdrama – The Man Who Guards Me. Jung Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung) became poor since she forgot to take her cashmere coat, she makes a deal with devil Sharon (Seo Ji-Hye). Black Knight Moon Soo-Ho (Kim Rae-Won) wants to meet his princess and invites her to his castle.

Black Knight Kdrama

Black Knight Kdrama: Episode 1 Recap

Moon Soo-Ho (Kim Rae-Won), he returns to his castle and gets a postcard from someone who wishes he can meet his woman on Christmas. He opens his trunk and sees a beautiful girl’s photo with the paper cuts dark knight and princess. Jung Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung), she works hard for travel agency day and night and never rests.

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Jang Baek-Hee (Jang Mi-Hee) says that everything has to return its place after she gets a call and reminds the past which she tried to stop Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra from loving.

Jung Hae-Ra gets message from her boyfriend Choi Ji-Hoon (Kim Hyun-Joon) who pretends to be busy in his job, but he is dating a woman in a hotel actually. Moon Soo-Ho refuses to pay the wine which isn’t in his list and drops it into pieces, although the guy claims he signed the paper. Then, we sees the guy’s father negotiates the contract with Moon Soo-Ho and apologizes for what his son did on him.

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Kim Young-Mi invites Jung Hae-Ra and her boyfriend to attend her party and lets her wear the clothes she have seem to her party. A client gives Jung Hae-Ra a slap as she discloses he booked the spa service with another woman to his wife.

Moon Soo-Ho’s friend Marco visits his castle and asks the girl he loved. Moon Soo-Ho reveals he is going to Korea and visits her, but fears she won’t recognize him. Jung Hae-Ra gets a call from police station finding his boyfriends is a liar. She insists that she still loves him even if he cheated on her. But, Choi Ji-Hoon rejects her as she is poor and has to raises her aunt, and warns her to stay away from him if the guy confess his love on the girl like her, because it’s true.

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Kim Young-Mi ‘s father Chairman Park meets Jung Hae-Ra and says hello to her on the street, but she ignores him. He thinks she is a impolite person just like her father. Moon Soo-Ho targets Chairman Park as he recalls that the man murdered his father Doctor Moon via burning. Moon Soo-Ho needs to find Jung Hae-Ra, but his friend tells him that she changed her name since her father was bankruptcy and dead.

Jung Hae-Ra is informed that she has to move out as her aunt took her deposit from landlord. Aunt tells her that she take the deposit to buy pills as she is sick, and buys a apartment which is in building. Jung Hae-Ra takes the medicine constantly and feeds it to aunt, saying that let’s die together.

She takes off her coat and runs out while Kim Young-Mi and Park Gon visits her, Jung Hae-Ra complaints that nobody like her since she worked hard, then sleeps on the park bench in the cold. She recalls that she didn’t take her cashmere coat from Sharon Tailor so that she became poor. She goes to the tailor and takes the coat from Sharon, dealing with her to change her life. However, she doesn’t know what she will lose.

The next day, she knows the client who slapped her is sent to hospital after a car accident. Jung Hae-Ra is assigned to Slovenia looking for a famous photographer. Meanwhile, Moon Soo-Ho knows the girl he has been looking for is Jung Hae-Ra who misunderstands him as the photographer she looks for.

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