While You Were Sleeping: Episode 2 Recap

Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) cries in the ward. She hopes it’s a dream and cannot face the truth. She kills her mother. She isn’t the driver. Nobody can prove her innocent.

While You Were Sleeping: Episode 2 Recap

Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) is to deal with her case. He tells Nam Hong-joo that she sits on the main driver’s seat according to Lee Yoo-beom (Lee Sang-yeob)’s testimony. There is no doubt that Lee Yoo-beom lies. He exchanges his seat with her and escapes his responsibility while she is coma and polices don’t arrive. Nam Hong-joo cannot explain it clearly. Her mother is dead. She becomes murderer. She doesn’t know what she can do. She lies in her bed and chooses to kill herself.

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At this time, Jung Jae-chan wakes up from the dream. He wipes the perspiration from his temples and is curious why he dreams Nam Hong-joo. He knows the traffic accident, Lee Yoo-beom escapes his responsibility and Nam Hong-joo’s mother death are just his dream. He finds things happening just like his dream. So, he warns her to not close to Lee Yoo-beom and drive car on snowy day. However, she ignores it and leaves. She thinks he is a stalker. Hence, he has to block Lee Yoo-beom’s road and hopes it can help her. However, fate cannot be changed by him.

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Jung Jae-chan sees they enter the car. Lee Yoo-beom is the main driver. Nam Hong-joo is co-driver. He realizes she is innocent. He lets his younger brother call the police. However, it’s too late. Hence he drives his car to stop the car accident in person.

Lee Yoo-beom did the same thing on Jung Jae-chan when they were young. He drives his motorcycle and cause an accident and frames Jung Jae-chan. Jung Jae-chan tries his best to stop it. If he doesn’t arrive to risk his life, the accident happens. Nam Hong-joo’s mother will be dead. She will kill herself. Lee Yoo-beom doesn’t believe what he says, but Nam Hong-joo knows he saves her life. She looks at him in the snow and closes to him. Just like the dream, she leans on his arms.

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