Crash Landing on You: Episode 6 Recap

In the 6th episode of Crash Landing on You, Jeong-Hyeok tries to leave the studio. Se-Ri keeps him and asks him to take a photo with her because she thinks she won’t see him again after she leaves. But he rejects it because he thinks he doesn’t have to remember her.

Crash Landing on You: Episode 6 Recap

Crash Landing on You

Seung-Jung runs into Se-Ri. He takes her to get in the elevator. Jeong-Hyeok follows them and stops the elevator. He sees the two holding hands. He parts the two and takes Seung-Jung down. Seung-Jung tells Jeong-Hyeok that he’s Se-Ri’s friend.

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Jeong-Hyeok takes a look at Seung-Jung’s passport. He asks him why he came to North Korea. Seung-Jung asks Se-Ri to do something to Jeong-Hyeok. He thinks he’s a cop. Se-Ri tells Seung-Jung that Jeong-Hyeok is her bodyguard. He asks Jeong-Hyeok to release Seung-Jung.

Seung-Jung gets off the elevator. He asks Se-Ri why she came to North Korea. She asks him if he heard her story from someone. He remembers Se-Hyeong told him that Se-Ri is dead. He denies it. He tells her that he wishes to meet her at the cafe. She promises to wait for him.

Seung-Jung puts the cash into Jeong-Hyeok’s pocket because he thinks he did a great job to protect Se-Ri. He thinks he’s destined to encounter Se-Ri in North Korea before he leaves. Se-Ri explains to Jeong-Hyeok that she told Seung-Jung that he’s her bodyguard because she couldn’t tell Seung-Jung that he’s her fiance. She mentions he’s protecting her.

But Jeong-Hyeok points out that he’s watching Se-Ri. But he does what the bodyguard does for her. She smiles to walk away. Seung-Jung runs into the bodyguards. He runs when they chase him. He gets rid of them. Seung-Jung tries to get in the elevator. Su-Bok points a gun at Seung-Jung.

Jeong-Hyeok meets with Se-Ri at the cafe. He asks her how did she know Seung-Jung. She reveals her brother introduced the man to her because he wished her to leave the country with the man. She thinks her brother reached his goal.

Jeong-Hyeok tells Se-Ri that her brothers wish her to come back. Seo Dan’s friend reports to Seo Dan that her fiance is seeing another woman in the hotel. Seo Dan smiles to tell her friend that the woman is someone she knows. But her smiling is frozen after she hung up.

Seo Dan tells the hair stylist to complete her hair job. She asks her mother to arrange the meeting up with Jeong-Hyeok’s parents. But she needs to meet with Jeong-Hyeok before she sees his parents. She leaves the hair salon. Su-Bok beats Seung-Jung. He lets him have a talk with Se-Hyeong over the phone.

Seung-Jung reports to Se-Hyeong that his sister is alive. Se-Ri follows Jeong-Hyeok into the room. He removes the bugging devices from the room. He tells her not to call him. He tries to leave her room. But she stops him and tells him that she wishes to meet with Seung-Jung.

Se-Ri thinks Seung-Jung can tell her family that she’s alive even if he refuses to take her away. But Jeong-Hyeok tells Se-Ri not to trust Seung-Jung. She thinks Seung-Jung is a destined man to her because she encountered him in North Korea after she had almost married him.

But Jeong-Hyeok is furious to mention that he saved Se-Ri when she fell from the sky. It makes Se-Ri believe that he wants to be her destined man. Seo Dan arrives at the hotel. She asks the reception about the room Jeong-Hyeok booked. But the reception refuses to leak it. Seo Dan lets someone help her.

Seo Dan arrives at the room. She sees Se-Ri walking out of the room with Jeong-Hyeok. Seo-Dan tells Jeong-Hyeok that she came because her friend saw him staying with a woman. She leaks that she knew his room because the son of the hotel owner chased after her.

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