Crash Landing on You: Episode 4 Recap

In the 4th episode of Crash Landing on You, Jeong-Hyeok kisses Se-Ri in the cabin when the police opens the cover. The police is shocked to step back. He’s confused and closes the cover. He sees Jeong-Hyeok kissing Se-Ri like a beast when he opens it again.

Crash Landing on You: Episode 4 Recap

The police is furious to tell Jeong-Hyeok and Se-Ri to get out. He asks them what they were doing after checking Jeong-Hyeok’s paperwork. The captain explains that the two asked to do night fishing. But the police points out that he didn’t see night fishing. The captain reminds the police that the two are male and female, and they were putting forth buds.

The police asks Jeong-Hyeok if what the captain said is true. Jeong-Hyeok wants to deny. But Se-Ri hugs his arm and tells the police that they’re going to get married. The police gets the points but tells them to turn the boat immediately.

Se-Ri panics to tell Jeong-Hyeok to do something, and points at the ship. But he stops her and thinks they shouldn’t continue. She has to see the ship off, and tells him that she wants to leave even if it will kill her. He asks her if she wants to kill the captain as well.

Se-Ri tells Jeong-Hyeok that she wants to leave next week, and thinks he will find a way. But he rejects it and tells her they can only do it after 15 days. She yells at him that she doesn’t want to hear the truth. She tells him to comfort her. But he claims that he cannot lie. She tells him it was a lie when he said that she is his fiancee.

Jeong-Hyeok explains that he didn’t have other options. So she mentions the kiss, and thinks he should explain it to her. He points out that she asked him to do something, and mentions what she said that it wasn’t a kiss. She thinks the kiss means nothing to him, and asks him to help her leave if he feels guilty. But he cannot do that because he’s not sure about it.

Se-Ri leaves a letter to Jeong-Hyeok and tells her that she will find a way to leave on her own. He walks out of his house and looks for Se-Ri. He remembers something and begins to run. Se-Ri stands in front of the mountain. She wears the parachute. She’s ready for her death.

Jeong-Hyeok stops Se-Ri before she does the terrible thing. He tells her that he heard her leaving. She tells him that the place what she arrived. She wants to leave the place with the same method. He reminds her that she will get shot if the soldiers spot her. She’s shocked.

Cheol-Gang arrives at the base. The soldier reports to Cheol-Gang that someone tried to send the message to south from the mountain. Cheol-Gang tells the soldier to go to look for the source of the message. Jeong-Hyeok tells Se-Ri that the soldiers will come to arrest her. He takes her to jump off the cliff. He hugs her when he falls with her.

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The aircraft takes the two to fly in the sky. Se-Ri tells Jeong-Hyeok to hug her tightly. She reveals she was scared. He tells her that he knows her feelings. Cheol-Gang takes his followers to arrive at the cliff. He doesn’t find any person.

The follower tells Cheol-Gang that he will continue to search the mountain. He leaves after Cheol-Gang saw Man-Bok. Cheol-Gang takes Man-Bok into his office. He’s told that the couple came back in the morning. He tells Man-Bok to watch Se-Ri and Jeong-Hyeok.

Man-Bok tries to leave. Cheol-Gang stops Man-Bok and tells him to buy some meat. He gives some cash to him. Man-Bok tries to reject it. But Cheol-Gang reminds Man-Bok that his son needs meat to grow up. Man-Bok accepts the cash in the end.

Man-Bok goes to the market to buy meat. He sees Jeong-Hyeok asking the merchant for the coffee beans. Man-Bok tries to pay the meat. But the thief takes the wallet away from him. Jeong-Hyeok chases the thief and arrives at the thief house.

The gang boss tells Jeong-Hyeok that he won’t hurt him if he lets it go. But Jeong-Hyeok rejects it and fights with the gang boss. The gangster tries to hurt Jeong-Hyeok from his back. Man-Bok casts the stone to the gangster, and saves Jeong-Hyeok.

Man-Bok takes his wallet back. He wants to thank Jeong-Hyeok when he walks him. Jeong-Hyeok rejects it and tells Man-Bok to be careful. He walks away. Se-Ri isn’t happy when she’s eating the bread. Ju-Meok comforts the girl that Jeong-Hyeok will find a way to resolve it.

Se-Ri complains that she eats up all of the foods Jeong-Hyeok. She reveals she didn’t do that when she was in South Korea. She wants to leave the place. But Ju-Meok tells Se-Ri that Jeong-Hyeok asked them to protect her. She’s happy after she heard what he said. She thinks she’s not a kid.

But Chi-Su points out that Jeong-Hyeok doesn’t trust Se-Ri at all. He asks her why she came back. She asks him for returning the shampoo to her. But he rejects it because he cannot live without the stuff. He yells at her that it’s the rule of his nation.

Wol-Suk and Ok-Geum visit Se-Ri. They ask her for attending the birthday party of Young-Ae. But Se-Ri rejects it and closes the door. Wol-Suk thinks Se-Ri is very rude. Bureau Director Choi trembles when he drinks tea with Cheol-Gang. He worries that Jeong-Hyeok will take revenge.

Cheol-Gang tells Bureau Director Choi that Jeong-Hyeok isn’t such a person who will take revenge. He thinks he’s planning something. It makes Bureau Director Choi nervous. He wants to get on knees to Jeong-Hyeok, asking him for his mercy.

Cheol-Gang stops Bureau Director Choi. He mentions Jeong-Hyeok told him that Se-Ri comes from Division 11. He wants to confirm it with him. Se-Ri thinks about the guy who broke into her house. Ju-Meok tells Se-Ri that the guy’s rank is higher than Jeong-Hyeok.

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