Choi Si-Won Grasps Kim Ye-Won’s Bra In “Revolutionary Love” Stills

In the 4th episode of “Revolutionary Love“, Choi Si-Won is free from police station in Kim Ye-Won‘s help. However, he did evil thing again while saying sorry to her. He grasps her bra while she airs clothes on the roof.

As Choi Si-Won touched Kim Ye-Won’s chest in the plane. Police arrested him for sexual harassment. Although his father invited a group of lawyers to defend him, he made too many mistakes at the court. When he thought he might be throwing into prison, Kim Ye-Won revealed the truth so that he is free.

However, Choi Si-Won grasps her bra when he apologizes to her. Kim Ye-Won thinks he is a perverted guy immediately, even if she treats the sexual harassment matter as a mistake.

I have to say I keep watching “Revolutionary Love” is because of Choi Si-Won. He is funny and cute, although the story is still about prince loves cinderella.

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