Lee Jong-suk didn’t Recognize Suzy In “While You Were Sleeping” Stills

In the 19th episode of “While You Were Sleeping“, Lee Jong-suk is taken care by doctors in the emergency room and is going to die. Suzy stands outside, her right palm is full of his bloods. He recalls she was Chestnut who he met 13 years ago.

Lee Jong-suk and Suzy try to stop upcoming calamity which they saw through dream. They falls in love with each other while they work together. However, he doesn’t know she was Chestnut he met in his father’s funeral until he is dying. There fathers were killed by same person. That’s why Lee Jong-suk and suzy attended the funeral 13 years ago. Their fate is predestined at that time.

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I have to say While You Were Sleeping’s scriptwriter Park Hye-Ryun is understanding. People don’t know why Lee Jong-suk and Suzy has to stay together until the end of episode. That’s amazing.

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