Are You Human Too Kdrama: Episode 1-2 Recap

These are 1-2th episodes of Are You Human Too Kdrama, Ro Ra misses his son Nam Shin so much so that she created AI robot Namsin-3. Nam Shin misses his mother as well, but he meets traffic accident in front of Namsin-3.

Are You Human Too Kdrama: Episode 1 Recap

The robot is going to be activated in the empty room, his name is Namsin-1. A woman places the face on Namsin-1’s forehead. He opens his eyes and calls himself Namsin-1. The woman tears up and says that she misses him so much. Namsin steps to her and hugs her. A tear drops from her eye.

1 year earlier.

The woman Ro Ra introduces her robot to others on the stage, but her son Nam Shin claims he isn’t a robot with the same face as the robot. She tells people that she wishes his son was an obedient robot, Nam Shin claims that he is a human so that he doesn’t want to obey her order. She warns to make a robot like him, but Nam Shin says that he likes his father more.

Ro Ra is going to pick up her husband with Nam Shin at the airport, but a man Jong Gil takes her husband’s phone when Nam Shin calls. Jong Gil orders his followers to kidnap Nam Shin, and drives away. He gives Jung Woo’s death certificate and says that he committed suicide when she asks him why he takes her husband’s phone. She doesn’t believe what he said and wants to look for Nam Shin. He asks his followers to push her down and leaves.

She tears up in her house when looking at Jung Woo’s photo, thinking he is lonely. She swears to take Nam Sin back, no matter what it takes. She drives her car, and breaks the gate, arriving at her father-in-law’s house. But Jong Gil blocks her way.

Ro Ra throws a bag of cash on the ground and says it’s what he gave her, and looks for her son. But Nam Shin wants to live with his grandpa, and says thinks his father’s death was because of her. She wants to explain it to him, but the followers stop her.

Nam Shin comes to his grandpa Gun Ho, and says that he did what he promised, asking him to forgive his mother. Gun Ho accepts it.

Jong Gil tells Ro Ra that his son will get hurt as well when she wants to take away her son. She is shocked with tears. He adds that Nam Shin will die like his father if she insists on taking him away. She grasps her fist tightly.

The stewardess turns on the light in the plane, when Ro Ra is reading something. She turns it off after finding that she is in tears. Nam Shin tears up in his room and asks the maid not to come when she worries about him.


Namsin-1 hugs Ro Ra when she is in tears, because of the rule of being a robot, he falls from the stairs so that she has to insert a new plugin into his system.


Namsin-1 updates Namsin-2, and asks his mother why she got so short. Ro Ra tells him that she didn’t get short, but he grew tall. She takes him to walk down the stairs he fell, he passes it without any problem. She smiles and thinks he did a great job. But he wants to smile like her. She is embarrassed and says that she wished he could give her a big smile as well. She puts Namsin-2 into a glass box then.


Namsin-3 wakes up from the glass box, Ro Ra tears up when seeing him, and says that he reminded her of someone. He hugs her and says that the rule asks him to hug her when she cries.


Nam Shin sits in the back seat of the car and enjoys the music. He saw the news of his mother on the phone. The team manager tells So Bong and other security guards that they will fire if they fail in the car. So Bong’s eyes are shining when she sees the money given by the team manager.

They get off the car, and stand against each other, and escort Nam Shin after he arrived. So Bong goes to chase Reporter Jo after she targeted Nam Shin. Reporter Jo gets in her car, So Bong asks her where she goes. But they seem to be a good friend after So Bong gets in the car.

Reporter Jo thinks people won’t believe that the security guard will take secret pictures of Nam Shin, and wear the watch in her hand. She tells her that she will pay double if she gets her a new face.

So Bong tells team manager that she destroyed her camera, and gave her the money when they’re in the hallway. He praises her, she says that reporters are trash. Her colleague recognizes that it’s Seung Hee of a girl crush when a woman sits next to Nam Shin. So Bong tells her colleague to look straight ahead if she doesn’t want to be fired. But she takes photos of him through the watch then, claims that she wants to go to the washroom.

But Nam Shin takes the watch from her and thinks it’s a camera. He smashes it and thinks she is a rat to sell his photo. But she denies it. He beats her up and wants to hit others who are taking photos of him. The team manager and his followers show up and drive off those people.

So Bong wants to pick up the broken watch, but Young Hoon takes it in advance and asks where Nam Shin is. The team manager comes to him, and reports that he went to LA with a one-way ticket.

Young Hoon is in the plane, but Nam Shin isn’t there. He gets a call from him and realizes that he is on another plane, and asks him to complete the driverless car presentation. But Nam Shin he isn’t suitable to show up at the presentation, as he just beat up a woman in public.

Team manager scolds So Bong for sneaking a photo and thinks she is a shameless jerk. Young Hoon shows up and asks team manager to fire her. So Bong is shocked and gives the broken watch to Reporter Jo. Reporter Jo feels sorry, but So Bong thinks she is the one tempted by cash and shows her pride before leaving. Just then Reporter Jo gets a call from Nam Shin, and asks him why he beat So Bong since it was their plan. But he hangs up. Someone targets Nam Shin in the plane, but he isn’t aware of it.

Are You Human Too Kdrama: Episode 2 Recap

Secretary Park tells Jong Gil that Nam Shin boarded a flight to Czech Republic, and their follower tracks him down. Jong Gil is curious why Nam Shin went there.

The TV set is playing the news of Nam Shin beating up the woman. Jong Gil kneels down in front of Gun Ho, and asks for his forgiveness. But his daughter Ye Na thinks he should drop the act and get up. Ho Yeon thinks Ye Na should know where her fiance is, but Ye Na doesn’t want to restrain him.

Jong Gil asks Ye Na if she treats him as her father, and mentions what she said in front of Gun Ho. She thinks he shouldn’t get stupid ambition when Nam Shin wasn’t there. But he claims that he has devoted himself to the family all those years.

So Bong finds out the TV set was broken by someone after she returned home. Two guys tell her that her father Jae Sik did it because he saw she was hit on the news, and reveal he went to Pk Group. She is desperate.

Jae Sik fights with security guards at PK Group, and asks for an apology. He cries out and claims his daughter is an honest and hard-working kid. So Bong shows up, and wants to take Jae Sik home. But he insists on getting the apology. Team manager claims that they’re the ones who should get an apology, and asks So Bong if she agrees with it.

Jae Sik loses his temper and thinks law works for rich people. But team manager reveals his daughter was caught taking photos of Nam Shin. Jae Sik is shocked, the team manager mocks him, and thinks he raised his daughter well. Jae Sik hits So Bong’s head after they were out of PK Group.

Gun Ho is watching the news in his office and recalls his grandson told him that something very amusing will happen soon. Ho Yeon is happy when walking Gun Ho, and claims she is a sweet daughter. But he calls Jung Woo’s name. She says that her older brother was dead, but he yells that his son is still alive.

Young Hoon is nervous and asks Ho Yeon to take her father to Dr. Lee, when Jong Gil is looking at them. Young Hoon comes to Jong Gil, and tells him that the chairman went home because he needs rest.

Young Hoon and Ho Yeon push Gun Ho into his car, and drive away at the parking lot. Jong Gil goes to see what happens. Secretary Park shows up and tells him that Nam Shin landed in the Czech Republic. Nam Shin shows up at the airport, and takes out his mother’s photo. Jong Gil’s follower Sang Guk is watching him.

Namsin-3 stops his mother from eating toast and coffee because it’s exceeded. She looks at him with a temper and thinks he is going to starve her. They come to outside where David is waiting for them, David calls Namsin-3 as his son, but is against it, and thinks he isn’t his son. David claims he built most of his body, saying that he and Ro Ra created him. Namsin-3 refutes that Ro Ra has no intention to make a child with him, and asks her to sit in the back seat of the car. David warns not to take him if he keeps on doing things like this, but he laughs after Namsin-3 says, “Let’s go!”

Namsin-3 thinks David should abide speed limit when he drives too fast. But David asks him to mind his business because he isn’t his son. Nam Shin is talking to someone who asks him to go to market on the phone, as he got his mother’s location. Sang Guk is watching him in front of the hotel, Secretary Park calls him when Jong Gil is pouring wine in his glass. Jong Gil says that he likes to see blood. Secretary Park orders Sang Guk to kill Nam Shin, and make it like an accident or mugging.

Nam Shin goes outside, Sang Guk hides behind a tree and wears his black hat. Namsin-3 turns the traffic light from red to green when they’re waiting. Ro Ra thinks he hacked the signal and asks David if he taught him. But David says that Namsin-3 is smarter 100 times than him, and takes him away. Meanwhile, Nam Shin shows up at the traffic light.

Namsin-3 thinks the weight isn’t 200g after the shop owner gives the cheese to them. But shop owner claims he has worked with cheese for over 30 years. Namsin-3 thinks he is against the rule to deceive customers. The shop owner doesn’t know what he is talking about, and gives another cheese to them when David wants to weigh. Ro Ra warns Namsin-3 not to be caught by humans. David asks him to walk around for one hour, and buy Ro Ra some flowers.

Nam Shin finds out Sang Guk is tracking him, and changes the same clothes that Namsin-3 wears, and runs away. Sang Guk mistakes Namsin-3 as Nam Shin. Nam Shin gets a call from the guy who tells him he got her mother’s address, but he tells him that he has a tail, and asks him to throw his stuff at the hotel.

Ro Ra asks David why Namsin-3 didn’t arrive, he thinks they have 10 minutes, and persuades her to be endurance. Namsin-3 holds flowers in the flower shop, the salesgirl gives him extra flowers because he is handsome. But he rejects it, the salesgirl doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

Namsin-3 and Nam Shin run into each other at the street, they’re shocked. But Nam Shin is hit down by a truck, and his head is bleeding.

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