DIA’s Cho Seung Hee to Act a Num on Upcoming Movie ‘Goodbye My Father’

Since Cho Seung Hee leaves DIA, she doesn’t have any new job. DIA is a hot girl group right now, they are going to drop new album ‘Present‘.

However, it’s not Cho Seung Hee’s business. Fortunately, she gets a new opportunity on movie ‘Goodbye My Father’ to act a num in her agency Urban Works ENT’s help.

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‘Goodbye My Father’ is a story about father and son. They fall in love with the num who is pure and beautiful.

I thinks Cho Seung Hee needs to catch this chance. Because Park Sung Woong joined ‘Goodbye My Father’. He is a famous actor in South Korean. His recent movies include: ‘Monster’ and ‘Your Name is Rose’. She can learn useful acting skill from him in ‘Goodbye My Father’.

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