Black Knight Kdrama: Episode 6 Recap

In the 6th episode of Black Knight Kdrama, Jang Baek-Hee continues to tell the story of Boon Yi and Lee Myung So. Jung Hae-Ra is in jealousy when Sharon hugs Black Knight.

Black Knight Kdrama: Episode 6 Recap

Black Knight

Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra run into Sharon after class, Moon Soo-Ho buys Sharon a cup of coffee, Jung Hae-Ra is curious why he knows her very well. Moon Soo-Ho tells Sharon not to reveal to Hae-Ra that he ordered clothes for her, because it’s a present. Jang Baek-Hee warns Sharon not to approach Moon Soo Ho when seeing her appearing and continues to tell the story.

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Boon Yi and Lee Myung So sleep together but nothing happens between them, Lady Seo Rin thinks her slave steals her husband and is in tears while she stays outside. Then Lee Myung So is caught because of power struggle. Lady Seo Rin lets Boon Yi wear her clothes and pretend to be her to die. Boon Yi is caught by enemies and lost her voice for protecting Lee Myung So.

They run into each other and live together. Lee Myung So gives Boon Yi the sliver ring and tells her that she can sell it when she needs money. She is moved and sleeps with him. He asks her that why she doesn’t wear the ring when they enjoy moonlight. Boon Yi places it under the moonlight and thinks it will enhance its power when she makes a wish.

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Lady Seo Rin appears and steals the ring, she burns their house and lets Boon Yi stay inside to die for her. Lee Myung So tries to save Boon Yi when Lady Seo Rin asks him which one I likes most, but Boon Yi doesn’t come out. Lee Myung So has to stay in the burning house with his lover. Boon Yi curses Lady Seo Rin to be ghost and live forever before she dies.

Lady Seo Rin jumps into pool and commits suicide, but she finds out she isn’t dead and her servant Jeom Bok becomes a grandfather after returning home. Jang Baek-Hee visits Jeom Bok and asks him about Lady Seo Rin.

Lady Seo Rin commits suicide again and is saved by Jang Baek-Hee. Jang Baek-Hee takes her to study how to make dress in Tokyo Dressmaking School.

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Jung Hae-Ra asks Jang Baek-Hee why the punishment isn’t die but living forever. Moon Soo-Ho thinks the lady might feel lonely when all of her relatives are dead. Jung Hae-Ra asks Sharon why she called her Boon Yi in her house. Sharon thinks she had a dream.

Jang Baek-Hee tells Jung Hae-Ra that Moon Soo-Ho is a good person and persuades her to catch him. Meanwhile, Sharon lets Moon Soo-Ho so that she can know his size and make clothes for him. Jung Hae-Ra is jealous after seeing it. They argue while he sends her home. Moon Soo-Ho tells Jung Hae-Ra that he will give up if she doesn’t have a feeling to him within one month. She accepts it and tells him that she will breaks up with him after one month.

Park Chul Min discusses with Kim Young-Mi and Park Gon about Moon Soo-Ho and thinks his weakness is Jung Hae-Ra. He thinks his son is lucky because Kim Young-Mi is always in his side. Jang Baek-Hee tells Sharon that she is first lady in the house and exchanged her and Boon Yi’s position when Sharon thinks her slaver steal her husband. Sharon doesn’t believe what she said because there isn’t any way to test she and her beggar father’s DNA and reveals she want to be loved.

Moon Soo-Ho tells Choi Ji-Hoon that his girl is cold to him, Choi Ji-Hoon thinks he needs to be aggressive, but Moon Soo-Ho doesn’t agree what his method. Park Chul Min visits Moon Soo-Ho and wants to give him some and supports and tips in business. Moon Soo-Ho suspects that Park Chul Min killed his father.

Jung Hae-Ra receives flowers from Choi Ji-Hoon and Moon Soo-Ho in her office, but director thinks it’s too much. Park Chul Min invites Jung Hae-Ra to have dinner and promises to give her a store if she helps him. Jung Hae-Ra tells him that she doesn’t thinks there is free lunch in the world and refuses him.

Moon Soo-Ho tells Sharon that she doesn’t have to make clothes for him as his friend is a tailor and he is going to order clothes from him. Sharon gets angry and grasps her birthday cake with his hand, holding it tightly. She takes off a item from Jung Hae-Ra and tells her that her clothes aren’t free when Jung Hae-Ra thinks her clothes are pretty good. Then Sharon becomes Jung Hae-Ra when Jung Hae-Ra falls asleep.

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