f(x)’s Luna Reveals her Previous Vocal Cord Nodule Issue on ‘Showbiz Korea’

As f(x)’s vocalist and lead dancer, Luna is very tall, beautiful and has stunning voice. She is the goddess in majority fan’s mind. However, people don’t know she had hard time ever since she was undergraduate. Luna reveals it on ‘Showbiz Korea’.

Luna is a nature vocalist. She comes from a musical family. Her father is a conductor. Her mother is a outstanding vocalist. Since she participated ‘Truth Game’, she was discovered and joined f(x). However, she found that she had vocal cord nodules when her group is very popular in South Korean. Meanwhile she was going to sing in ‘Legally Blonde’. Her friends and colleagues suggested her to give up her career and lead her lost 10kg. She just ignored their useless suggestion and listened to her heart. Luna overcame it in the end.

From Luna’s story we can learn:

If you have a dream, just do it regardless of what other say. You will succeed finally.

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